EAST OF EDSON is a short film co-written by Edmonton filmmakers Cody Lang and Curtis Alexander. Between the two, Cody and Curtis have written and directed several short films, and they are the creators of the film podcast INTERCUT. They are also part of the #yegfilm collective.

Curtis and Cody are inspired by many different films and filmmakers, from Howard Hawks and John Huston, to Béla Tarr and Gus Van Sant, to Takashi Miike and Nicolas Winding Refn, among others. As co-writers and co-directors, they feel that it's important to use this project to explore the many possibilities of what a film can really be.

The story

In EAST OF EDSON, Jake must leave the safe, secure and temptation-free confines of small town Alberta and head east to the big city to find his older brother and bring him back home to his distraught wife.

The Intercut podcast & neo-noir

Recently, the filmmakers released a 4 episode series (9 hours of total content) on neo-noir films of the 1970s, which covers 13 films, from the first HARPER (1966) to THE AMERICAN FRIEND (1977).

Neo-noir is a distinct film genre (as opposed to classic "film noir," an umbrella term which describes many different types of films, not just contrasty black and white films starring detective characters). As committed neo-noir scholars and enthusiasts, Cody and Curtis are trying to explore the possibilities of the genre while filming EAST OF EDSON.

Principal Photography

Currently the film is in principal photography. Approximately 25% of the film has been shot and the film will be completed during the summer of 2013 in locations in and around Edmonton and Edson, Alberta. We are looking for various resources to help complete the film.